Changelings, and Settings and Lessons oh my

Lesson first. I’ve been quiet for a while now since posting several possible changes to the possible rules of magic. The reason for that is, well, it’s the holidays and I’ve just not had time for anything. Biggest lesson I’m learning from this is not to start a new game during this time of year. I has been a nightmare and with my first session TONIGHT I just sent out info on the setting to my players. I hope they don’t eat me alive.

A more minor lesson I’ve learned is to keep it simple. Rather than re-writing the rules of magic I have simplified it down to two things. There is a limited number of casters in the party, and I will be making a percentile roll each time a spell is cast. It has a 2/3 chance of success so anything over 30 means the spell goes off correctly. Anything under and the spell fizzles out and the slot is burned for the day.

While the biggest problem with my last posts were in the magic department, some people pointed out that my build for changelings didn’t fit for Pathfinder. To be honest I didn’t look at the rules for creating a race before building it. I since have and here it is.

Changelings are creatures that are part human part faerie. Essentially some time in their bloodline a faerie boned a human. Sometimes the changelings don’t show up in the family until generations later. Kooky genetics. They look mostly humonoid but have some animalistic features. Their skin ranges from normal human tones to hues in any color of the rainbow. Some have feathers or scales in place of hair but all of them have eyes with little or no whites to them that you can see. Think of bird or dog eyes. They are often described as looking striking but at the same time seeming wrong.

    • Ability Score Racial Traits: Changelings are smart and quick but are more fragile than humans, they get +2 to Int and +2 to Dex and a -2 to Con
    • Size: Changelings are Medium creatures and thus receive no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
    • Base Speed: Changelings have a base speed of 30 feet.
    • Languages: Changelings begin play speaking Common. Changelings with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic).
    • Fey Immunities: Changelings get a +2 on saving throws against illusion spells and effects.
    • Keen Senses: Changelings get a +2 racial bonus to perception.
    • Low-Light Vision: Changelings can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.
    • Cold Iron Weakness: Changelings have a racial allergy to cold iron and get a -5 AC against cold iron weapons.

The cold iron weakness is not a standard PF rule but something I added to fit with the world I am setting the game in speaking of the world take a look at the info I sent out to my players.  I had such a hard time being able to find time to write it I hope it serves the purpose and the players get a real feel for the setting.

You are on an island continent in the southern hemisphere divided into three kingdoms. To the Northwest is the kingdom of Milana. It’s a patriarchal monarchy run by humans. To the Northeast is the kingdom of Jinash. The monarchy goes through maternal lines, but king and queen are brother and sister. The heirs are born to the Queen from her husband and the cycle continues. It’s run by changelings. To the South is the kingdom of Erae. It’s a monarchy but gives no regard for gender. The crown is passed to eldest child of the monarch. It is also run by changelings.

In-between the three kingdoms is a large piece of land called Queen’s Portal. The area is full of giant wild mushrooms and small pools of water. Changelings come to this place because of it’s strong links to the world of faeries. On the side bordering Jinash it is surrounded by mountains which are hard to pass through. On the side bordering Milana is protected by a human army training camp. The side bordering Erae is also protected by an army camp, but they allow pilgrimage to Queen’s Portal.

You guys are starting in the City of Asrai, one of the twin cities on the boarders of Jinash and Erae, Asrai is on the Erae side and Kul is in Jinash. The two cities are connected by a massive bridge build over the Orton River which marks the boarder between the two kingdoms. Kul and Asrai are a good place for anyone looking for work to start. The cities are a massive place of trade between the two kingdoms and more often than not has a string of caravans leaving to Queen’s portal where many Changelings make pilgrimage.

Being that you’re in Erae, you know a bit about what has been happening recently with the court. King Dolan has been married to Princess Consort Wren for six years now and she has failed to produce a living heir to the throne. She’s had several miscarriages as wells as two children who died within days of being born. The king’s brother, Gethin has had designs to get the throne since his brother’s coronation. There is pressure from the Court for King Dolan to name an heir in the event his wife never has a healthy offspring. He’s pointedly refused to name his brother heir. There are rumors that the king has started an affair with a Jinashan diplomat, Lady Surya and plans for her to bear him a child to name heir.

You have all been hired by the latest caravan going to Queen’s Portal and then on to Virika the capitol city of Erae. There is promise of work in the city once you make it there.


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