Tweaking the Mechanics

Last post I shared a custom magic mechanic for my Pathfinder game and there were some problems with it. I have listened to those who told me about how broken it was and I have made some changes, I’d love to get some more feedback before I work on coming at this from  different angle.

NOTE: This campaign will be using CORE RULEBOOK ONLY

Wizard, Sorcerer, Druid, and Cleric are no longer playable classes in my game.

Magic(Arcane) [Prerequisite Int 13] and Magic(Divine) [Prerequisite Wis 13] are feats. Only one magic feat may be taken.

There are no spell level requirements.

Spells must be learned, taught, or bestowed.

Spell points per level = 1+ 1/2 Int(Arcane) or 1/2 Wis(Divine) modifier.

Upon taking magic the player chooses 20 levels of spells known with 0 level spells costing 1/2 level each. The list must get DM approval.

Spells cost 1 point per level to cast, level 0 spells being free.

Players can spend 1 temporary point of Con to gain 5 additional spell points, for every Con point sacrificed after the first they take an additional 1d4 con damage.

Spell points are recovered at 1 per hour. Additional spell points gained from sacrificing Con must be recovered before regular spell points are recovered.

In addition, all spell DCs are +5 because of the rare but potent nature of spells in this world


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  1. KJ


    Also, why the hate for the real spellcasting classes? The shapeshifting druid has a ton of fantastic flavor to it, and a fantasy world without men in pointy hats seems lacking. Also, under this system, why would anybody ever not just be a martial class that happens to use magic on the side? Dedicated “wizards” would possess literally no advantage over “dabblers”.

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