Custom Mechanics and Races Oh My!

It’s been a while, but I have reason to take up the blog again, I’ve got three weeks to get my butt in gear and get my campaign ready to be played by my wonderful gaming group. Now, this is not the Grimm game I’ve been talking about forever. My DM, Delusional Muse, convinced me to set a game in the same world as one of the novels I have written.

I decided that I would create a Pathfinder game set in my world of Isabia.

So far smooth sailing but some of the mechanics didn’t fit the world I’d created which has very limited magic and only two races.

So here is my solution to magic, Delusional Muse and I created a new mechanic:

Wizard, Sorcerer, Druid, and Cleric are no longer playable classes in my game.

Magic(Arcane) and Magic(Divine) are feats.

There are no spell level requirements.

Spells must be learned, taught, or bestowed.

Spell points per level = 1+ 1/2 int(Arcane) or 1/2 wis(Divine) modifier. Should a character take both magic feats it goes off of the higher modifier.

Upon taking magic the player chooses 20 levels of spells known with 0 level spells costing 1/2 level each.

Spells cost 1 point per level to cast, level 0 spells being free.

Players can spend 1 temporary point of Con to gain 5 additional spell points, for every Con point sacrificed after the first they take an additional 1d4 con damage.

Spell points are recovered at 1+ Wis or Int Modifier per hour. Additional spell points gained from sacrificing Con must be recovered before regular spell points are recovered.
In addition, all spell DCs are +5 because of the rare but potent nature of spells in this world

All spell like abilities are gained as normal, but spells require the magic feats.

I think it’s a nice system we got worked out but I’d love to hear from you if you have any concerns about how it affects balance in the game.

The other problem I had with my setting is the races. Humans were easy enough because their mechanic is already written in the game. My other race is changelings. I know that the Pathfinder Advanced Races guide has a build for changelings but it didn’t fit with the world I’d created so Delusional Muse and I took a swing at creating our own version.

Changelings are quicker than humans, more adept at magic and have keen senses. They are however more fragile than humans and have a weakness to cold iron.

They get:

+2 Dex, -2Con

+1 to spot, listen, and search

Dark Vision

+1 to spell DCs

Vulnerability to Cold Iron

Let me know what you think.


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